Antidepressant Drugs Do Not Work, Really!

Majid Ali, M.D.

The Case of A Psychiatrist Who Thinks Antidepressabnt Drugs Do Not Work 

It is not very uncommon to hear on radio that antidepressant drugs do not work. And that such drugs carry risk of brain dysfunction. The first statement tells me three things about such people on the radio:

1.The speaker is ideologically driven;

2. The speaker is ill-informed; and

2. The speaker is cruel.

The second statement is true but incomplete. It is also true that antidepressant drugs can have negative effects. The statement is incomplete because the complete statement should emphasize that tghere are many brain-active nutrients can prevent ill-effects of antidepressants.

I am prompted to offer this short article by a visit I had with a woman whose suffering with mental anguish is was very deep. Inspite of her medications prescribed by her psychaiatrist and a robust nutritional and spiritual work, her desperate situation made it clear to me that she needed care in a hospital setting to avert a life-threatening downturn. So I took the time to convince her to call her psychiatrist on an emrgency basis and be open to whatever treatment plans he deems necessary, including the possibility of hospitalization.

I’m Stuck In My Head

During her visit with me, at one point she broke down and said,

“I know you are right. I’m stuck in my head. I don’t know how to unstuck myself.”

“You need antidepressant support while we do our best with natural remedies,” I replied.

“But antidepressants do not work,” she countered.

“Whoever told you that is not your friend,” I said in a softer tone.

“But I know that is not the answer,” she persisted.

“Right now that must be a part of the total answer.”

“I read a book by a psychiatrists. He said psyche drugs do not work.”

“I do not want to know who he or she is. I know that person not only is ill-informed but also that he or she is cruel. He does not know how much you and your two little daughters have suffered because of your illness.”

“Oh, Dr. Ali, I do not what to do,” she spoke with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“I know what we need to do. We need your psychiatrist to see you. But, please promise me you will fiollow his advice and I promise you I will do my best.”

A Psychiatrist’ Anti-Drug Book

Once on my Science, Health, and Healing program on non-commercial WBAI radio program, I did a radio review of a book written by a psychiatrist who claimed that antidepressants do not work. I asked him if I can refer some patients with severe depression to him for treatment with antidpressants. He told me he does bnot see any patients anymore.

It is lots harder to care for the sick than to write and then sell books, I murmured to myself. I did not invite this psychiatrist back to

My Life’s Work With Pre-East Healing

I devoted the fisrt twenty years of my professional life to medicine  of the West and the next 20 years to to the medicine of the East, and now I am in the thitf phase of what I designate as the healing ways of the Pre-

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of articles entitled My Eeast.


eastern healing traditions with overlap with the western e(b

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