Castor Oil Rub for Neuropathy

Majid Ali, M.D.

I Regularly Prescribe Hydrogen Peroxide Foot Soaks Followed by Castor Oil Rubs

Castor Is An Excellent Anti-inflammatory and Oxygen-Enhancing (Oxystatic) Therapy

In a companion article, I explain how castor oil as rubs over skin, joints, tendons, and trigger points works. I offer a large number of videos to narrate my clinical experience with this oil, including its use for the health of facial skin.

An Experience of a Viewer of My Castor Oil Video  Series

Here is a letter I received from a viewer narrating his experience:

“Castor oil rubs- a great idea. I feel quite comfortable and relieved when I use castor oil rubs for my peripheral neuropathic feet. It may not cure the disease but it certainly keeps me comfortable throughout th day and it might not allow the disease to proceed fast.” M.K

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