Fear and Anger Video Series

Majid Ali, M.D.

List of Videos and Links With Short Descriptions

List of Videos and Links (URLs)

Fear and Anger Series Part 1 – Introduction


Fear and Anger Part 2 – Beyond Definitions


Fear and Anger Series Part 3 – In Elements, Not in Self


Fear and Anger Series Part 4 – Beyond Right or Wrong


Fear and Anger Part 5 – Life Beyond Disease


Fear and Anger Series – Part 6 – Life Beyond Cancer


Fear and Anger Series – Part 7 – Life Beyond Psyche https://vimeo.com/140612101

Brief Descriptions of Videos

In my seven-segment video series, I explain the above statement and offer some suggestions for coping with and, slowly and steadily, ridding oneself of demons of fear and anger.

In the first of seven videos, I narrate what led me to offer this series and provide an overview of this series.

In the second video, I speak about the need to sidestep the issue of the prevailing definitions and classifications of fear and anger. I have not found any merit in them. In fact seen such writings only cause confusion and add to the individual’s misery. I find that in focus on one’s elements paves the path to healing.

In the third video entitled “In Elements, Not in Self,” I explain how head-fixation deepens the pain of fears and anger, and attempts to clever-think one’s way out of it only compounds the problem.

In the fourth video, I reach to the Persian Poet Rumi for guidance, starting with his “field beyond right or wrong” to shed more light on the nature of the twin problems of fear and anger.

In the fifth video, I underscore the need for living beyond disease to dispel fear and anger accompanying fear and anger. I also explain how relentlessly the $3.4 trillion dollar disease-maintenance system employs its weapons of fear and anger to assure its profitability.


In the sixth video, I relate some extraordinary case studies to explain why I consider “living beyond cancer,” the most important part of the journey after the diagnosis of cancer.

In this seventh video, I speak about the Greek Goddess Psyche. I find it both amusing and iron, that the field of psychology is named after a goddess which was not to seen nor known. Do we really need Freudian follies to be the guiding light when facing fear and anger?




Suggested Reading

Please consider other articles in my Fear and Anger Series posted on this web site.


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