Three Root Causes, Three Primary Mechanisms

Majid Ali, M.D.

 I recognize only three root causes of chronic suffering and chronic diseases:

  1. Fear
  2. Anger
  3. Loss of Curiosity

Three primary mechanism by which the above three root causes manifest themselves in various symptom-complexes and disease classification are:

  1. Gut Fermentation
  2. Oxygen dysfunctions
  3. Insulin Toxicity


Where do infections fit into this scheme? I anticipate the question. Acute microbial and parasitic infections are outside the scope of this model of root causes and mechanisms. As for chronic infections, my model fully applies.

Free Courses

For in-depths discussions of the above subjects, please consider my following FREE courses on this web sites:

  1. Ali’s Gut Fermentation Course
  2. Ali’s Oxygen Course
  3. Ali’s Insulin Course
  4. Shared African Grandmothers (GrndmotherLand) Series

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One comment

  • Do you have some where that you explain the fear, anger and loss of curiosity causes? I can’t seem to find them and would like to understand this more. I don’t know of any of these that applies to me. Thanks!


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