For Chronic Fear and Anger – Elements In, Clever Thinking Out

Majid Ali, M.D.

Suffering Caused By Fear and Anger Cannot Be Dissolved By Recycling Misery

I recognize three root causes of chronic suffering and diseases: Fear, anger, and absence of curiosity.

  1.  I recognize curiosity to be the mother of imagination.
  2. Imagination opens the pathways of exploration.
  3. Exploration defines the nature, scope, and treatment options, as well as the choice of right practitioners to approach.

Clever Thinking Approach

In devoted The Cortical Money and Healing (1990) to make one essential point at many levels: The cortical monkey loves to recycle past misery. When recycling past misery is not enough, it thrives on pre-cycling feared, future misery.

In my book, I also addressed the crucial matter of tyranny of diagnostic labels which fans the fires of fear and anger.

The answer to the suffering caused by fear and anger is in being of part of one’s elements. I find this to be the best strategy for countering head-fixation of the Cortical Monkey. Below, I offer a series of seven video links to elaborate above statements.

Fear and Anger Series Part 1 – Introduction

Fear and Anger Part 2 – Beyond Definitions

Fear and Anger Series Part 3 – In Elements, Not in Self

Fear and Anger Series Part 4 – Beyond Right or Wrong

Fear and Anger Part 5 – Life Beyond Disease

Fear and Anger Series – Part 6 – Life Beyond Cancer

Fear and Anger Series – Part 7 – Life Beyond Psyche

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