A Healing Place Called GrandmotherLand

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Place Imagined, A Place Known

Once upon a time, there existed a place called GrandmotherLand. In it lived a tribe of grandmother – a hundred thousand years ago or earlier. The tribe existed as a part of the elements of the land, always true to them.

The tribe spoke an unspoken language. A language mostly of silence, of kindness and compassion. Listen to everyone and honor the words if they bring people, animals, and plants together. Move away in silence from them, if they separate.

Deities of GrandmotherLand Were No Holier ThanDeities  of Other Lands

The tribe of my GrandmotherLand shared its breath with people, plants, animals around them, beneath a shared sky and on a shared land benealth them. They were mothers before becoming grandmothers – conceiving babies, carrying them, nursing them, protecting them, nurturing them among their elements. When the babies became young girls and men, they helped the youngsters to make sense of elements around them as well as their changing bodies.

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