One Can Reach Only One’s Own African GrandmotherLand

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Journey of One’s own

Only I can reach my African GrandmotherLand of my imagination. Only you can reach your African GrandmotherLand of your imagination. No philosopher, pundit, professor, or preacher Can take you there. Nor can any Peruvian profiteers can do this for you or anyone else. Either you do it yourself or you don’t get there at al. It is that simple.

Where Do I Begin My Journey?

Imagine and imaghine and then imagine some more.

How might have grandmothers of African grandmotherLand have become grandmothers?

They had to have become mothers first?

To become a mother, a woman has to conceive, carry a baby, deliver a baby, nurse a baby, protect the baby, nutrure the child which the baby grew into, and shared the experiences of existence with the young women and men their children grew into.

If That Is Too Much ….

May I suggest that consider the imagination of Susanna Rowson in her book Charolette Temple and Lucy Temple.

Or try Catherine Maria Sedgwick’s book Hope Leslie.

If that is not Terribly Conveenient…

Try viewing my video Series entitled “African GrandmotherLand” linked below:

African GrandmotherLand Video Series


Ctwo and  at child  (early Africans had to nurse theuir babiesnaAAnd to

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