My Heart Is Worth Saving

Majid Ali, M.D.

Saving Energy With Slow Limbic Breathing – Worth 40,320 Heartbeats Daily

In this article, I present a case history to illustrate my main point. People who have never felt the effects of slow Limbic Breathing may have some difficulty with this narrative.

A 40-year-old man consulted me with a two-year history of an overactive thyroid, joint pain (arthralgia), chronic fatigue, palpitations, shakes, and cold sensitivity. His heart rate was 102/minute despite his treatment with Methamazole, a drug used for hyperthyroidism. An ABT (autonomic breathing test) test (see full article at for details) was performed on his first visit.

We gave him rapid training in slow Limbic Breathing (see my breathing videos for description at this web site (use the search box at the top). Within ten minutes of Limbic Breathing, his heart rate slowed down from 102/min. down to 74/min. At the lower rate, his heart would save 40,320 beats per day. He understood clearly the benefit of slow Feather Breathing.

Readers are likely to ask: How long does such benefit last? That is a valid question. The answer: Initially, the benefits of Limbic Breathing only last for a short time. However, with frequent slow Limbic Breathing while at work and home bring about an enduring change.

Here are simple words of someone else who suffered from heart palpitations: “The best way to control heart palpitations.”

Now consider another quote: I developed a sudden severe leg cramp. I didn t know what to do. I started breathing slowly the way you taught me and within moments it was gone.”

Scientific Basis of Benefits of Slow Limbic Breathing

In simplest words, slow breathing allows more time for oxygen to pass from air sacs in the lung to capillaries in the lungs. This is the miracle of slow breathing. All it takes to break heart palpitations and painful muscle spasm in the legs is just a little more oxygen. Most cardiovascular emergencies are created by buildup of lactic acid and other acids. The simplest method for reducing blood lactic acid levels is with limbic breathing. This is, in my judgment, the most precious first-aid kit that everyone can carry with him at all times. One cannot misplace it. It is always there when you need it.

Feather Breathing

Feather Breathing is the simplest form of Limbic Breathing which gives the best results for beginners. For practical guidance, I urge the readers to view my video seminar entitled “Limbic Breathing.” I include a long chapter on Limbic Breathing in my book The Cortical Monkey and Healing.

What Is the Energy Cost of 40,320 Beats Per Day?

A heartbeat is energetically expensive for the body. Next to the brain, the heart requires more energy than other body organs. But a simpler answer to the above question is: ask someone with heart palpitation if she or he feels depleted during the heart episodes.

The Simple Message


Be kind to your heart so your heart can be kind to you.

Breathe slow so the heart can beat slower and calmly.

For more information, please view my FREE course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Heart Course” at this web site.

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