Top Seven for Healthful Aging – Remembering African Grandmothers

Majid Ali, M.D.

Being One’s Own Healer

My Top Seven Suggestions

  1. Healing With Curiosity
  2. Love and compassion
  3. Dr. Ali’s Breakfast (an idea, not a product)
  4. Dr. Ali’s Insulin-friendly Eating (Leaving the pathways to diabetes,                           dialysis, and dementia)
  5. Limbic Slow Breathing
  6. Limbic Exercise (meditative, non-competitive)
  7. Nutrient supplementation (vitamins, minerals, enzymes, oxy-nutrients

I present details of each of the above in various articles on this web site. Please copy and paste specific item in the “Search Box” of the site to download specific articles. Then consider my larger point in my series of articles, videos, and TV segments entitled “Our Shared African Grandmothers.”


In the various articles and videos in my series of articles and videos entitled “Grandmothersland,”  I speak about grandmothers who lived in Rift valley who lived 100,000 years, 200,000 years, or earlier. They left behind a legacy of love, basic decency, ethics, and compassion for the human race. They defined the essence of being human a very long time before the onslaught of our modern experts of human behavior and morality, philosophy, psychology, and enlightenment gurus.

The Point

Here is the point of this short article: When I need a personal consultant or adviser in matters of my humanness, ethics, fairness, responsibility, and pathways to the soul, I should seek the consul of  my  Shared African Grandmothers. I should not look for a therapist or an enlightenment guru.

An Invitation to Participate

If our Stars War technology does not keep you from it, I would love to hear from you. My e-mail is:

Grandmotherland Video Series

Our Shared African Grandmothers Video Series

 Our Shared African Grandmothers Series – Part One

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Two – Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Three – How Did I First Imagined Them?

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Four – Moon Shot

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Five – The Scientific Way

 Our Shared African Grandmothers Series – Part One   –

For readers interested in the subjects of obesity, weight loss, insulin toxicity, and diabetes reversal, I offer my FREE library of articles on the subjects at http://www.alidiabetes.

Three Healing Sciences

In the context of Science, Health, and Healing, I recognize three healing sciences and thousands of disease-drug sciences. Drugs, as essential as they are for treating acute diseases, do not heal. This is a simple fact of science.

Three primary healing sciences are:

  1. Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love
  2. Healing Science of Oxygen
  3. Healing Science of Insulin

For professional readers and people with biology background, I suggest my articles posted on

Two Crucial Questions

First, what, if anything, has been added to the legacy of African Mothers since their time?

Second, if it can be established that nothing of value has been added to the legacy of our Shared African Grandmothers since their time, then may we conclude that humankind has been regressing ever since?

I do recognize that our Shared African Grandmothers did not carry smart phones with which they could relentlessly download their misery on people they knew – more importantly with those in distant lands. And that our shotgun antibiotics work better than their bark, root, and leaf remedies. But then our antibiotics and smart phones do not define who we are, do they? Or, perhaps, they do.

My African Grandmothers Opinion Poll

Not unexpectedly, my preoccupation with our Shared African Grandmothers led me to conduct a poll concerning the two crucial questions posed above. I am happy to report that so far everyone I have polled gave me a negative answer to the first and an affirmative answer to the second question.

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