Radio Wave Zapping of A-Fib

Majid Ali, M.D.

Atrial Fibrillating (a-Fib) Is Rapid Irregular Beating of the Heart.

Simply Stated, A Fibrillating Hear Is An Overdriven  and Oxygen-Deprived Heart.

Should You Have Radio-Destruction of the Heart Pacemaker?

This is an important question and the decision must be answered carefully with full consideration of all relevant facts. It must be made under close supervision of doctors experienced in treating heart rhythm disorders.

Permanent destruction of pacemaker of the heart with radio waves (radiofrequency procedure) is often advised by cardiologists when they think the drugs are not able to control rapid irregular beating of the heart. doctors.

Are There People Who Did Succeed in Avoiding Radio-Frequency Ablation of Pacemaker?

Yes, there are. Some of patients have succeeded in this effort. However, this does not mean that you should try it as well. In fact it would be irresponsible for anyone to say No to radiofrequency procedure just because she or he has read this article.

A Fibrillating Heart Is An Overdriven Heart 

Many patients can avoid permanent destruction of the heart pacemaker with natural therapies. Such therapies must be considered with a clear understanding that a fibrillating heart is an overdriven heart and all measures should be considered to “calm” the overdriven heart.

The Heart Story in Simple Words 

  •  Slow breathing is the best first-aid for a heart under stress.
  •  Compassion is the way to a heart at peace.

This is my simple message for people with an overdriven heart which palpitate or skip heartbeats and continues to do so despite treatment from their cardiologists or other doctors.

Free Courses

I offer the following FREE materials in the form of short videos, video seminars, and articles at and

* Dr. Ali’s Slow Breathing

* Dr. Ali’s Healing With Curiosity (comprising seven short videos on

* Dr. Ali’s Heart Course

* Dr. Ali’s Heart With Curiosity Course (comprising seven short videos 

Heart Urgency

For heart urgency (including palpitation), I recommend the following for my patients. The purpose of the above information is to prevent heart urgency under the supervision of people’s primary doctors or cardiologists.

* Slow Breathing

* Ten drops of tinctures of hawthorne and passionflower in one ounce of water

* Coenzyme Q10 lozenge 150 mg, may repeat after 15 minutes

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