A Dome to Keep Demons Out

Majid Ali, M.D.

We Humans Are Vulnerable to Demons And Need to Create Domes to Keep Them Out.

How Does One Build a Dome to Keep One’s Demons Out?

With curiosity, imagination, and exploration. Please consider my seven videos linked in an article entitled “Healing With Curiosity – Introduction” on this web site. Use the search box on the front page of this article to reach that article and series of my videos.

After you have built a dome to keep demons out for yourself, you might consider helping a child (your own or someone else’s) to build a dome to keep demons out as well.

Curiosity is the Mother of Imagination

Imagination delineates the pathways of exploration.

Exploration paves the way to healing.

Dr. Ali’s FREE Deep Healing Course

if you curiosity makes you imagine the ways to get more information, please try my free Deep Healing Course, also presented on this web site.

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