The Cost of Care – David Seek Mercy From Goliath

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Sicker David Seeks Mercy From Juggernaut Goliath

It Does not Pay to Beg Statues

The American Davids have a bigger problem: They seek mercy from juggernaut Goliaths. In matters of healing, the Davids have lost their curiosity – and with that their imagination and capacity for exploring the nature of their existence. This, however, can be corrected. First, some words about the American disease-care Goliaths, and then some crucial help for the Davids.

First, David Seeks Mercy From Statues

Here is the first excerpt from The New York Times of On September 14, 2015:

“As the country grapples with the staggering cost of new hepatitis C medications, we agree that more needs to be done to lower drug prices… Drug makers’ monopoly pricing power gives little incentive for these companies to price at a responsible — let alone sustainable — level. Case in point: Pharmasset, the company that developed Sovaldi, planned an initial launch price around $36,000 for a 12-week course of treatment. That’s less than half of what Gilead Sciences charged when the drug came to market. … All players in the health system must embrace the goals of affordability. Pharmaceutical companies need to get on board.

Second, Goliath Grows Into Juggernaut

Here is the second excerpt from The New York Times of On September 14, 2015:

“Earlier this summer, Anthem agreed to acquire Cigna for $48 billion, and Aetna announced a $37 billion takeover of Humana… If regulators approve both transactions, the number of big national health insurers would drop from five.”

Healing With Curiosity Series of Videos 

If you do not wish to trust The New York Times to solve your cost-of-health-care woes, please consider my videos in my series entitled “Healing With Curiosity” linked below:

The Problem: Head Fixation

The Solution: Curiosity About Everything Outside the Head – About Whatever May Be Seen, Heard, or sensed. 

I explain “absence of curiosity” in a seven-segment video series with an introductory video, all linked below:

The Healing Way of Life Begins With Curiosity Series – Introduction 

Healing With Curiosity Part One – When You Were Two Months Old

Healing With Curiosity Part Two – The Train and the Tree

 Healing With Curiosity Part Three – The Baby and Me.

 Healing With Curiosity Part Four – My Clouds and Me

Healing With Curiosity Part Five – Oxidant and Antioxidant Series

 Healing With Curiosity Part Six – Molecular Biology of Oxygen

 Healing With Curiosity Part Seven – Insulin Toxicity

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