Healing With Curiosity Series – Introduction

Majid Ali, M.D.

All Forms of Chronic Suffering And Chronic Disease Are Rooted in Fear, Anger, and Absence of Curiosity

Curiosity is the mother of imagination.

Imagination is the beginning of exploration.

Exploration of the fundamental question about the nature of existence is the beginning of healing.

The problems of fear and anger cannot be resolved without authentic exploration of the roots of fear and anger which rob cells of oxygen and nutrients in all parts of the body.

Nor can the optimal interim drug option be chosen without exploring the available options from an authentic source of advice.

The sad, Sad Truth

American medicine suppresses curiosity about the cause of disease, for patients as well as practitioners.

Not surprisingly, curiosity of the American people stops at the name of the disease and names of the drugs prescribed for them.

If you think I am taking cheap shots at doctors and their patients, I hope you will view videos linked below. If your curiosity about the validity of my statements is stirred, I hope you will read my articles on the subjects linked below.

The Problem: Head Fixation

The Solution: Curiosity About Everything Outside the Head – About Whatever May Be Seen, Heard, or sensed. 

I explain “absence of curiosity” in a seven-segment video series with an introductory video, all linked below:

The Healing Way of Life Begins With Curiosity Series – Introduction


Healing With Curiosity Part One – When You Were Two Months Old


Healing With Curiosity Part Two – The Train and the Tree


 Healing With Curiosity Part Three – The Baby and Me.


 Healing With Curiosity Part Four – My Clouds and Me


Healing With Curiosity Part Five – Oxidant and Antioxidant Series


 Healing With Curiosity Part Six – Molecular Biology of Oxygen


 Healing With Curiosity Part Seven – Insulin Toxicity


Suggested Readings

Dr. Ali’s Course on Healing

Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

Four Important Articles in my Course on Healing

Below are links to my four articles in Healing Sciences Series:

Three Healing Sciences, Three Global Scourges


Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love


Healing Science of Oxygen


Healing Science of Insulin



Dr. Ali’s Course of Deep Healing



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