Our Shared Healing Truth From African Grandmotherland

Majid Ali, M.D.

Our Shared Healing Truths From African Grandmotherland 

I see a possibility. It is the possibility of shared healing truths with language of higher presence, of an intelligence of a different ilk. No, I do not imagine a new alphabet, nor a new grammar, nor any computerized artificial intelligence. Here, succinctly stated, is what this possibility emerges from:

* Curiosity is the mother of imagination

* Imagination sires exploration

* True Healing Begins With Exploration of the nature of existence

I see a possibility of humans with curiosity, imagination, and exploration without conflict between the principle and practice, unlike our celebrated philosophers such as Lucius Seneca, Albert Camus,  and Bertrand Russel.

African Healing Truths

Beyond All Gender, Ethnic, Social, Political, Geographic, Historical, And Faith and Divides 

Humankind needs a new language of healing if there is going to be any chance of peace. The deceptions and distortions of all prevailing “truths” of pundits, philosophers, politicians, preachers, and professors cannot be masked anymore with lofty speeches. No one with even a cursory knowledge of the history of wars of the last century would disagree with it. In case of doubt, please consider Einstein’s simple words quoted below.

Albert Einstein’s Sticks and Stoes

“I do not know with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones”

In The Culture of Einstein     By Alex Johnson

Advances in information technology and emerging realities of social media assure us that the old order is dying or dead. The war history of the last century

Our Shared African Grandmothers

A grandmother is first a mother before she becomes a mother. So our Shared African Grandmothers understood how babies are conceived, carried, delivered, nursed, protected, and nurtured as children. They knew how to makes sense of the mother Earth for their teenage girls and boys. How to help them see the continuum of people, plants, and animals rambling under open skies and roaming clouds. They had felt pain and experienced dark moments of their lives. They were free of all divides.

Our Shared African Grandmothers

In my library of articles entitled “Grandmotherland Series,” I offer the life and work of an imagined tribe of grandmothers who lived a very long time in the Rift Valley. I write about our shared African grandmothers who lived 100,000 years, 200,000 years, or more years ago. These tribes of grandmothers who lived in my imagination somewhere in the Rift Valley were authentic humans. I say so because, again in my imagination, their lives could not have been diminished by any of the gender, ethnic, social, political, geographic, historical, and religious  divides that have tormented humankind during the last 10,000 or so years.

Final Resting Place for the  Dead – Two Millions Years Old  

Then in September 2015 came the report of the discovery of a most touching account of their knowledge of the nature of their existence: a cave with 15 human skeletons left in a cave – a final resting places of their dead. The bones were dated about two millions years ago.

No, those bones had not been left their by some Gilgamesh, Hilako Khan, or Hitler.

No Dividers, No Divisions  

The African grandmothers were above the devices and deceptions of the experts of the enlightenment industry – the gurus, the pundits, the freedom-fighters, champions of democracy, and those who tear up talking about the poor while hoarding billions in safe haven, safe from those who rape little girls and boys with religious authorities.

Demise of Democracies of the West, Communist Manifestos, and Chinese Merchantility

Grandmotherland Video Series

Our Shared African Grandmothers Video Series


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 Our Shared African Grandmothers Series – Part One


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