The Highest Truth in Healing

UnburdenedMajid Ali, M.D.

The Truth of Our Shared African Grandmothers

What Is the Truth of Our Shared African Grandmothers?

It is the truth free of corporate deceptions and ideological distortions that make up what is considered to be scientific evidence-based medicine.

It is a truth free of the superior wisdom of pundits, politicians, professors, and preachers. It is free the dictates of of enlightenment gurus and gremlins.

The truth of our Afro-grandmas was the truth of the natural order of life – of people, plants, and animals. Of open skies, rain, and flowing rivers. It was the truth of how children got hurt and how they recovered – how they sickened and healed. spiritual gughremlins,

Un-Controlled by Power, Prestige, and Privilege

I seek light and hope from our Afro Grandmas because, as Thomas Jefferson, would have put it, were not shackled by the demands from power, prestige, and privilege. It was that spirit which I imagine and wished to be sustained by.

Shared African Grandmothers Video Series

Our Shared African Grandmothers Series – Part One

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Two – Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Three – How Did I First Imagined Them?

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Four – Moon Shot        

 Our Shared African Grandmothers – Part Five – The Scientific Way

 Course on Deep Healing

For a full discussion of the subject, please consider my FREE course entitled Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Video Course at this site.

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