Our Shared African Grandmothers and Sanctity of Dying

Majid Ali, M.D.

Once Dying Was a Sacred Trust

A few hours spent freely on the floors of an American hospital will convince anyone how perverse the process of dying has become. Hospitals make money by keeping their beds full and not by healing the sick. How could it be  otherwise? Drugs do not heal, no matter how they may be needed. Surgery does not heal, no matter how necessary it might be. Diagnosis is not healing.

Why Do I Think of Our Shared African Grandmothers When Writing About Dying?

Because African grandmothers who must have tended the dying 100,000 years or  more ago could not have been driven by pursuit of fame or fortune. They were humans, simple, kind, and compassionate. I cannot imagine why they would have prolonged the process of dying for anyone.

The African grandmothers who lived in the Rift valley thousands of years before women and men of known history left behind a legacy of love, ethics, and compassion for human race. They defined the essence of being human a very long time before the prevailing notions of sociology, psychology, philosophy, politics, or enlightenment developed.

Humanness and Technology

Those African grandmothers did not have our technology but could not have lived without common sense. I have no difficulty imagining their simplicity, truth, and power to observe the natural order, including natural dying. I can imagine that face of humanness – the truth that escaped our great sociologists, psychologists, philosophers, politicians, or enlightenment gurus that followed them?

There is no point to counting the blessings of technology. It is everywhere. But in the context of the soul and technology, what do we make of 4 million Syrian refugees? Of the holocaust? Or of the nearly 30 million people who succumbed in World War II?

Three Healing Sciences

In the context of Science, Health, and Healing, I recognize three healing sciences and thousands of disease-drug sciences. Drugs, as essential as they are for treating acute diseases, do not heal. This is a simple fact of science.

Three primary healing sciences are:

  1. Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love
  2. Healing Science of Oxygen
  3. Healing Science of Insulin

Three Healing Sciences Series

I invite interested readers to consider other articles in my Three Healing Sciences Series at this site.

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