Three Primary Causes of Chronic Disease: Fear, Anger, and Failure of Imagination

Majid Ali, M.D.

Chronic Disease, With Uncommon Exceptions, Is Not a Sudden Departure From Good Health

Here are the following challenges to my position on causes of chronic diseases:

*  Don’t viruses, bacteria, yeast, and parasite cause chronic diseases?

*  Don’t nutritional deficiencies cause chronic disease?

*  Don’t industrial pollutant cause chronic diseases?

*  Don’t mutated genes cause chronic diseases?

*  Doesn’t cholesterol cause chronic heart disease?

*  Don’t toxic metals cause chronic diseases?

*  Doesn’t stress cause chronic disease?

Many similar questions can be raised by others.

All of the above questions seem reasonable on the surface. On deeper reflection, it is the failure of imagination that prevents an individual to  think through the to think through the superficial notions of chronic disease, recognize the elemnts of fear and anger, and seek  pathways to healing.

Tyranny of Diagnostic Labels

The problem with seeking health with focus on big pharma, politicians, profiteers, physicians, and pundits is that nothing good comes of it. This approach deepens anger, feeds fears, and suffocated imagination suffocates.

Microbes and Poisons

The human species evolved, proliferated, and spread co-existing with viruses, bacteria, yeast,  parasites, just as they co-existed with dangerous animals and poisonous plants. Until recent decades, humans did not face existential threats from any of them. Even a cursory study of the plagues of the past centuries reveals that anger, fear, and failure of imagination fanned their fires.

What Can An Individual Do?

Here is a simple suggestion. Consider my all free Course on Deep Healing. It comprises seven video seminars. Below are links to these seminars:

Video Course Outline

Titles of Seven Course Seminars

Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Journey – Introduction

Seminar 2: Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention

Seminar 3: My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well

Seminar 4: Deep Healing Sleep Disorders

Seminar 5: Deep Healing Disappointments of Life

Seminar 6: Deep Healing Chronic Illness

Seminar 7:  Deep Healing Depression 

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