Cholesterol Deceptions Falling Apart – New Evidence Not Open to Question

Majid Ali, M.D. 

An Article of Cholesterol Deception Series

Some Things to remember About Statin Cholesterol Drugs

1 About 25 percent suffer so much muscle pain that they have to stop taking the pill.

  1. Many people who take statin drugs have to stop taking the drugs because of symptoms of hazy memory.
  2. Many people stop taking the drugs because of sleep difficulty.
  3. The most dangerous, sometimes fatal, toxic effect of statin drugs is sudden and widespread death of muscle cells called rhabdomylosis.
  4. Increase in the incidence of diabetes
  5. Serious neglect of the media well funded by the statin makers.

The New York Times on Statin Drugs

Consider the following quotes from The New York Times (August 30, 2015): which reveal Times’s position:

5.1. “The problem: In the vast majority of cases, there is no objective test to tell real from imagined statin intolerance.”

5.2. “The statin trials, which involved tens of thousands of people, found no more muscle aches, the most common complaint, in patients who took statins than in those who took placebos.

5.3. The widely held belief that statins affect memory also has not been borne out in clinical trials.

Truth About Heart Drug Trials – Only One in Seven Trials Trustworthy

Briefly, the first report in the journal Nature (20 August, 2015) revealed that the rate of positive effects found in trials of heart disease treatments fell from 57% in trials started before 2000 to just 8% in trials beginning after that year. That was when when the government imposed higher standards for documentation (see details in the text from Nature reproduced at the end of the article).

The problems: Only one of seven pre-2000 trials were trust worthy but cardiologists had no way of separating honest from dishonest trials. Nor can do they do so retrospectively.

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