Cholesterol Deceptions – Dr. Ali’s 15-Video Cholesterol Library

Majid Ali, M.D.

Links to Videos Follow A Brief Introduction

Hundreds of millions of people worldwide suffer toxicity of cholesterol-statin drugs while they pay through their teeth for such toxicity.

In my 15-Video Cholesterol Library, I serve my viewers by addressing many cholesterol deceptions. I expect them to consider my information and then decide if the information is tainted with ideological distortions or corporate deceptions. I ask viewers not to stop their statin drugs without a careful evaluation of all information. Then, if they do wish to discontinue the statin drugs, they should first inform their doctors.

If some professional are offended by these materials, I welcome their comments and will respond. Please write to

For More Information:

* Dr. Ali’s Free Courses

* Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

* Dr. Ali’s Heart Course

* I refer doctors to my book Integrative Cardiology, the 6th volume of my 14-volume textbook entitled The Principles and Practice f Integrative Medicine.

Links to Videos of Dr. Ali’s 15-Video Cholesterol Library

1. Three Very Simple Cholesterol Questions

2. In How Many Ways Do Cholesterol Drugs Hurt the Heart

3.  Cholesterol Deception for Life. Really!

4.  Cholesterol Drugs and Brain Function Loss

5.  Nearly 50% Heart Attacks Associated With Low Cholesterol

6.  Cholesterol Drugs or Spices

7.  In How Many Ways Does Cholesterol Protect Muscles

8.  What Does High LDL Cholesterol Mean

9.  Cholesterol Prolongs Life

10.  Eggs Are Great But Times Magazine Does Not Apologize

11.  Cholesterol Deceptions – Eggs Are Great But Times Magazine Does Not Apologize

12.  Cholesterol Drugs Cause Fatigue

13.  Cholesterol Drugs Increase the Risk of Cause Breast Cancer

14.  The Heart- Stomach Connection

Suggested Additional Reading

Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

Dr. Ali’s Heart Course

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