Breat Cancer Treatment Options

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Letter From the Heart of Someone Facing Choice of Treatment Option

HI Dr. Ali,

I wanted to touch base with you, and also thank you from the bottom of my heart for your great advice 4 years ago when I was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 35. I told you on air at WBAI that I was turning down chemo, I was diagnosed with 1.8cm IDC tumor no node involvement.
You said, “there is a good chance you will never be bothered by this again”. I asked about radiation, you stated “In my opinion I would never give radiation to my breast cancer patients because in my experience if a recurrence happens it always comes back more virle. If you skip radiation you can always get another lumpectomy in the event of recurrence but if you take radiation you would have to get a full mastectomy.”
I really did not want radiation and could not quantify it in my mind, so that did it for me. I also turned down tamoxafen, because I was newly married and wanted to have a child. I am fine 4 years later.
Since I had chosen the ‘road less travelled’ I knew there were other things that I had to do (my background/lineage birthright was in natural health). I will tell you what I did these past 4 years to keep cancer at bay if you’re interested.
I thought it pertinent that I tell you about a resource I’ve created and am in the midst of expanding for all breast cancer patients in this area. I found it appalling that I could not find adequate ‘affordable’ wellness resources after my diagnoses, so I stated out loud that someone needed to make it happen. Three months later that opportunity crossed my plate and there has been no looking back. I know administrate a large FREE wellness center for breast cancer recovery at 900 broadway on Sundays.
We have outgrown the center in the year we’ve been operating with a waiting list of patients, we offer reflexology, massage, aromatherapy *using very effective therapeutic grade essential oils, and acupuncture to 24-30 women per week. We also offer advocacy, navigation, and nutritional counseling, and risk reduction information –in an effort to fill a critical chasm in health care and provide LONG TERM survivorship plans for our patients.
We’ve been picked up by a very prestigious law firm who has filed our 501(3)c and once that comes through– I’m seeking donations/benefactors to build out our own Breast Cancer Wellness Center, since we are now giving reflexology treatments in the back hallway having run out of space each week inside this large clinic. I have met with Ty Pennington (ABC Extreme Home Makeover) and I plan to ask him to do the build out for us. We seek any ideas or benefactors who will help us make this dream a reality. Basically someone to donate the rent each month ( a real estate mogul?)…
I have effectively mobilized the healing community behind this cause with over 50 volunteers, I have also signed on the most effective young trained patient advocates, and also breast cancer survivors and together we have built something really beautiful. I have a young survivor PhD Psychologist/statistician/grantwriter who is going to ‘quantify’ the outcomes of the program on overall quality of life, I also have a lawyer who was diagnosed at 31 stage 3 and another very successful survivor diagnosed at 31 stage 4 working towards a common goal, among other savvy survivors. We’re partnered with Flatiron Acupuncture and existing in that space for the time being– he’s been a wonderful gem in this treasure chest of resources I’ve gathered. Our ducks are in line, or we would not have been taken as pro-bono clients of Orrick & Harrington.
Perhaps you have some input or ideas for the people we should seek out in regards to this effort? I believe that with the 2nd highest rate of breast cancer in America, we should certainly have a center where survivors can get the ‘integrative’ and complimentary information they need  as well as advocacy and free wellness services to help them through this journey. I know it will happen on a large scale very soon, I would like to ask for your blessings, guidance and/or assistance.
In health and gratitude,
Signed (name withheld

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