Beware of Your Blood Sugar Test Results

Majid Ali, M.D.

Glucose Tests Results in Routine Blood Testing Are A Diagnostic Trap

Glucose (sugar) numbers in routine blood test done by doctors are the main reason behind:

  1. Longs delays in the diagnosis of diabetes
  2. Increasing insulin toxicity to the liver, heart, brain, kidneys, nerves, and other organs
  3. Delays in the diagnosis of kidney failure, heart disease, neuropathy, and memory loss
  4. All of the above happens when doctors trust the blood glucose numbers and neglect insulin tests.

Truth In Your Mirror

As long as doctors continue to ignore blood insulin testing, the truth about the sugar test deception and serious consequences of neglecting insulin testing is in your mirror, with the person in that mirror. To interest you in accepting this challenge, I offer the following three (ALL FREE) courses:

Dr. Ali’s Course on Insulin Toxicity

Dr. Ali’s Course on Reversing Diabetes

Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Models of Insulin Toxicity and Diabetes

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