From Skin-Talk to Bowel-Talk for Fermentation (Yeast) Dermatitis

Majid Ali, M.D.

As Roots Are to Roses So the Bowel to the Skin

In my clinical experience, the most common cause of skin inflammation (that always begins with skin fermentation) is excessive gut fermentation. So I consider control of excessive fermentation in the gut to be my core goal in the care of patients with all forms of chronic skin inflammatory conditions.

autoimmune NeutroGranulom

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I have not read an article written by a dermatologist about how bowel fermentation control can vastly improve clinical results for people with chronic skin disorders. This is most unfortunate that dermatologists are interested in the study of bowel ecology. Their patients pay an enormous price for their neglect of the bowel.

In my unifying Oxygen Models of Dermatitis, I focus on oxygen signaling, oxygen’s detergent functions, and oxygen-driven cellular energetics allows the readers not only a holistic and integrated view of understanding this organ but also provides rational and scientifically sound approaches to restoring skin health.

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