Breast Cancer Surgery for What Is Not Cancer – Ductal In-Situ Carcinoma

The so-0called Breast Cancer

Lumpectomy, Mastectomy, and Bilateral Mastectomy For Cancer Which Is Not.

Ductal In-Situ Carcinoma

Pathologists of northern Europe do not consider a breast condition called ductal in-situ carcinoma (DIC) not to be true cancer.  So surgeons northern Europe do not treat the abnormality as cancer.

Ductal In-Situ Neoplasm

I introduced the term ductal in-situ neoplasm  (DIN) for the so-called ductal in-situ carcinoma because it not a true cancer.

Pathologists in the U.S. are required to diagnosis ductal in-situ neoplasm as ductal in-situ carcinoma and surgeons are expected to treat it with lumpectomy or mastectomy.

Mastectomy in the U.S, No Mastectomy in Europe

How can it be so? Why would American surgeons subject women to physically disfiguring and emotionally wrenching breast surgery for the same condition for which European surgeons do not operate?

Could there be a simple explanation for it? Could the difference between the two groups of surgeons is because an American surgeon makes money every time he operates but  a surgein in northern Europe does not?

Breast Ductal Neoplasm Series

Please do not be offended by the question I raise above. For a full discussion of this crucial issue, please consider companion articles in my Breast Ductal Neoplasm Series.

My book on breast cancer is available at

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