A1c Conversations for Losing Weight and Reversing Diabetes

Majid Ali, M.D

A1c Blood Test Done Every Three Months Is the Best Way to Assess Success in Insulin Reduction Plans

Clinical Value of A1c Test

A1c blood test estimates the average blood sugar level over a period of 80-100 days. It is not a reliable test for screening for hyperinsulinism and diabetes. It is an excellent test to assess progress in insulin-reduction and diabetes reversal plans. For most people, an A1c value of 5.5% is very good and rising levels indicate worsening of insulin toxicity or poor control of diabetes.

Simple Truths in Simple Words

Keep insulin low and live longer.


Keep insulin high and die young.

Society Has Choice

In matters of health and healing, society has choice: It can keep insulin levels low and live longer. Or, it can keep insulin high and die young. It is most unfortunate that in our age of insulin toxicity and diabetes, doctors and news media have time only for superficial discussion of sugar and diabetes. There is are intelligent conversations about insulin toxicity which precdes diabetes by five to fifteen years.

We Are Not What We Eat

Whoever said we are what we eat was not a deep thinker. We are what we converse. What we eat is just an extension of our kitchen conversation with ourselves and with others. Regrettably, kitchen conversations are being increasingly replaced with fast food conversations. This is an important and neglected aspect of insulin toxicity, the dominant metabolic disorder of our time.

A1c-Smart Meals for Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal

Sugar conversations must be replaced with insulin conversations. Blood sugar tests are far too unreliable to screen for diabetes. A1c tests also fails to detect significant insulin toxicity in many cases. I have seen several cases where diagnosis of diabetes was delayed by some years because A1c test value was less than 5.7%, the upper limit of normal reference range.

Two Core Messages

Keep insulin low and live longer.


Keep insulin high and die young.


Focus on lowering blood sugar and die young.


Focus on lowering blood insulin level and die live longer.


Keep insulin low and have less heart disease, stroke, and cancer.


Keep insulin high and have more heart disease, stroke, and cancer.

die young.

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