I Just Thought I Had a Few Weeks Left – Jimmy Carter

Majid Ali, M.D.

Where did the words come from?

On August 20, 2015, I heard President Jimmy Carter speak the words in the title of this article. Why would he do so? I wondered. Who told him what for him to think the way he did?

He spoke about his cancer of pancreas. It was awfully courageous for him to share his medical information on national TV, a glorious first in presidential archives. Even before his TV comments, I thought this on president of the United States has turned into a saint. I have followed his humanitarian work for decades. God bless you with many more useful working years, Mr. President!

I Just Thought I Had a Few Weeks Left

I return to the words in the title. The doctors who created the state in which I spoke the above words were wrong and insensitive. They had no scientific basis for doing so. Here is why:

As a hospital pathologist for 29 years, conservatively speaking I assume the full responsibility of diagnosing more than 100,000 cancers. As a chief pathologist, I directed a diagnostic service in which my three associate pathologists diagnosed more than 150,000 cancers during those years. laboratory  in 29 years. I have written seven books on the subject of cancer. That is my background for taking the position which I take on the subject.

Prognosis from the Textbooks

I anticipate ridicule from the doctors who explained the medical aspects of President’s cancer to him. “Doesn’t doctor Ali know anything about the biologic behavior of cancer of pancreas? they are liely to scream. My short answer to them: Sir, neither you nor anyone else set limits on anyone’s natural immunity to fight cancer. For a full discussion of this vast subject, I refer interested readers to the first volume of my book entitled “The Crab, Oxygen, and Cancer (available in print and digital formats at http://www.aliacademy.org.

God bless, President Jimmy Carter.

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