Why Is Iron Deficiency Becoming More Common?


Majid Ali, M.D.

If You Have GERD or Colitis, Please Know Your Blood Ferritin Test Result.

In 1958, in medical school I learned that the most cause of iron deficiency in women is due to blood loss with menstrual cycles and in men due to blood loss with hemorrhoids. That was true then and remained so for many years.

Several years ago I began to see a trend: increasing frequency of low blood ferritin values indicating iron deficiency. I did not need to wonder for too long about what was feeding this trend. It was diminished iron absorption due to GERD (stomach reflux disorder) and various types of colitis. These disorders begin with fermentation and inflammation, which blocks iron absorption.

Lesson of the Article

Please get a blood ferritin test and if the test value is less than 75, take iron. Your doctor would want to rule out the presence of a tumor causing blood loss and that would be good.

The most reliable test for the body’s iron stores is the blood ferritin test. The exception to this are cases of liver disease in which ferritin test result can be high in the presence iron deficiency.

Blood iron and iron-binding capacity tests are not as reliable as ferritin for technical testing reasons.

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