Top Seven for Minimizing the Use of Antibiotics – Re: Immune-Inflammatory Disorders

Majid Ali, M.D.

The use of antibiotics to treat infections of individuals with immune-inflammatory disorders is sometimes necessary. Antibiotics further deepen the problem of gut fermentation which is always present in immune-inflammatory disorders. So, avoidance of antibiotics is desirable when it can be safely done.

The decision to use or not to use antibiotics can only be made under the guidance of a physician. Following are the guidelines for minimizing the use of antibiotics which I offer my patients which may be integrated with other advice from readers’ own doctors.

For Three to Five Days, Following Exposure to Infectious Agents or Starting Antibiotics

  1. Elimination of sugar (including fruit and fruit juice) and avoidance of dehydration hydration (with vegetable juice, chicken soup etc.)
  2. Gargles with seven drops each of water-soluble (mycelized )vitamin A and E (Dr. Ali’s Throat Protocol)
  3. One gram of vitamin C and 1000 mg turmeric powder, three times a day
  4. Potassium lemonade (one quart daily prepared with salt substitute, lemon, stevia, lemon juice)
  5. Oregano oil capsules, two twice daily
  6. Healing conversations with self or with environment.
  7. Zinc lozenges 15-20 mg daily for three days after suspected exposure or beginning antibiotics for common mouth and throat infections

Top Seven Series

Please consider other articles in this Top Seven Series to see if your other medical problems are also covered in this series.

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