Ins and Outs of Depression

Majid Ali, M.D.

A Very Brief Message for People Who Suffer Depression

About Depression Simplified Series 

First, the more a depressed stays in the head, the more intense will be the suffering. Second, the longer a depressed stays in the head, the longer-lasting will be the suffering. Third, the more a depressed person thinks about how to get out of the head, the deeper in the soul will depression reach.

When you are depressed, please be with whatever in your field of vision. Whatever that is.

The cortical mokey loves to thrive on recycled misery. When that is not enough, it precycles feared, future misery.

For other articles of my Depression Simplified Series, please use the search box of this site on the upper right corner of the field.

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For long-term relief from depression-anxiety complex, people need to learn, understand, and know the basics of: *Grandmothers Healing Science of Love *Healing Science of Oxygen *Healing Science of Insulin When you have some time, please read short articles on these three sciences at this website.

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One in Four Women Have Depression

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 Precoccious Puberty-Depression Connections

 Low-dose Lithium for Anxiety and Depression


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