GIO Three-Prong Attack on Depression

Majid Ali, M.D.

Geo Is the Three-Prong Attack on Depression

Three Things to Know About Depression First, depression drains energy and severe depression severely depletes energy. Second, the longer depressed persists, the deeper its roots become. Third, depression is as much a problem of the head as it is of the rest of the body and of the soul.

What Is GIO? Punjabi is my mother tongue. Gio is a Punjabi word that has two meanings: live well, iive long * G randmothers Healing Science of Love

  • *Healing Science of Insulin

*Healing Science of Oxygen I discuss these three sciences in my various articles in my Three Healing Sciences Series posted on this site.

It Is a Serious Mistake to Stop Depression Medication Without Doctor Supervision It is also a mistake to think antidepressant drugs are the complete solution and the issues of Grandmothers Healing Science of Love, Healing Science of Oxygen, and Healing Science of Insulin can be neglected. Those who try to do so nearly always pay an enormous price for it in the long run.

People With Depression Know the Cortical Monkey They know that this monkey loves to thrive on recycled misery. When that is not enough, it precycles feared, future misery.

FREE Courses Please consider at least three items from each of the following FREE courses listed below: * Dr. Ali’s Depression Course * Dr. Ali’s Video Course on Deep Healing * Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

75-Miute Depression DVD  My DVD on depression is available at


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 One in Four Women Have Depression

 Dr. Ali’s Free Depression Course

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 Precoccious Puberty-Depression Connections

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 What Should You Know About Low-dose Lithium Therapy for Depression?

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