Remedy for Painful Knots in Muscles

Majid Ali, M.D.

Oxygen Deficit and Acidity Excess Is the Problem

Knots In muscles develop when muscles are oxygen-depleted and acid-loaded. The solution is to put oxygen in and take acids out. Here are my suggestions after a doctor has ruled out any acute vascular problems, such as blood clots in arteries:

Natural Remedies (use the search box of the site for detailed information.

  1.  Gentle castor oil rubs
  2.  Hydrogen peroxide soaks with 3% solution
  3.  Oral Calcium (750 mg) and magnesium supplementation (1,000 mg)
  4.  Injectable calcium and magnesium, when available
  5.  Gentle muscle stretching of the affected areas.

Suggested Readings At This Site

Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

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