Dr. Ali’s Top-Seven Guidelines for Healthful Aging

Majid Ali, M.D.

Oxygen Is the Organizing Principle of Human Biology

and Governs the Aging :Process.

In 2000, I opened my book Oxygen and Aging with the words in the subtitle of this article. I devoted the book to a scientific evidence of my view of aging and described my guixdelines for healthful aging in detail in several chapters of the book.  Now in 2015, I offer a FREE seven-segment video course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course” posted at this siteat.

Simplify, Simplify, Simplify

This is my message for people interested in healthful aging. For individuals interested in in-depth discussions of the materials, I offer my book on aging (available at http://www.aliacademy.org) and a FREE course on the subject mentioned above.

Top Seven for Healthful Aging

  1. Pathways to the Soul With Healing Conversations
  2. Dr. Ali’s Breakfast
  3. Limbic Slow Breathing
  4. Insulin-Healthy Choices in the Kitchen
  5. Nutrients (vitamins, minerals, enzymes)
  6. Limbic Exercise
  7. Brain Nutrients and Special Aging Healthful Factors

Suggested Readings With Free Courses

* Dr. Ali’s Guidelines for Healthful Aging

* Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Video Course

* Dr. Ali’s Course on Aging

Dr. Ali’s Top Seven Directory


Top Seven for Healthful Aging


Links to Deep Healing Course

Two-Part Introduction

* Deep Healing – What Is It? Part Two


Healing / Deep Healing Seven-Part Series

Seminar 1 Deep Healing Dimensions and the Beginning of Healing Journey


Seminar 2 Deep Healing Fear, Panic, and Anxiety – Control and Prevention


Seminar 3 My Breath Is My Own – I Breathe It Well


Seminar 4 Deep Healing of Sleep Disorders


Seminar 5 Deep Healing Disappointments of Life


Seminar 6 Deep  Healing of Chronic Persistent Illness


Seminar 7 Deep  Healing Depression



 What Should You Know About Low-dose Lithium Therapy for Depression?



One in Four Women Have Depression



 Dr. Ali’s Free Depression Course



 Deep Healing Course, Seminar Seven – Natural Remedies for Depression



 Precoccious Puberty-Depression Connections



 Low-dose Lithium for Anxiety and Depression






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