Less in Head, Fewer Mind Drugs

Majid Ali, M.D.

Get Out of the Head to Reduce the Dose of Mind Drugs

The words in the title of this short article would have been cruel but for their truth. I explain at length the bases of my statement in the three FREE courses listed below. Simply stated, head-fixation increases the Use of psychotropic (mind-altering) medications.

How Do You Stay Out of the Head?

By staying with whatever is outside your head- sky, breeze, birds, fallen leaves, stones, candle light, and images of kindness and compassion.

For depression, I suggest a three-part program:

A. A Metabolic-hormonal part

B. Pathways to the soul with meditation, prayer, and compassion part

C. Psychopharmacology

Free Courses for Staying Out of the Head

Dr. Ali’s Brain Course

Dr. Ali’s Depression Course

Dr. Ali’s Deep Healing Course



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