Three Healing Sciences, Three Global Scourges

Majid Ali, M.D.

I recognize three healing sciences and thousands of disease-drug sciences. For acute illness, we need one or more of disease-drug sciences. From chronic disease, we can heal only with three healing sciences.

Three healing sciences are:

1. Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love

2. Healing Science of Oxygen

3. Healing Science of Insulin

Core Tragedy of Western Medicine

Here, in my view, is the core tragedy of modern medical thinking worldwide: the three  healing sciences are seldom, if ever, duly recognized and addressed. People worldwide are treated with disease-drug sciences and such treatment is never complete.

People everywhere – the well, the unwell, and the sick – pay an enormous price for in the prevailing Western models of disease-drug sciences. Intuitively they know the truth of these words, but they are hapless in confronting the demons of disease-drug sciences.

Links to Articles in the Series

Following are the links to my articles on the three healing sciences and related articles. I suggest my FREE Healing Course for additional reading materials.

Three Healing Sciences, Three Global Scourges

Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love

Healing Science of Oxygen

Healing Science of Insulin

Three Suggested Free Courses

1. Dr. Ali’s Being One’s Own Healer Course

2. Dr. Course in Deep Healing

3.  Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

4.  Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course

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