Healing Science of Oxygen

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of Molecular Biology of Oxygen Course

Oxygen is the organizing influence of human biology and governs the aging process. The subject of oxygen homeostasis and signaling is impossibly complex in one way and very simple another way. I explain this in the various article in my Healing Science of Oxygen Healing. For the beginners, I especially recommend my FREE Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course.

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 Suggested Courses

* Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

* Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

* Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

Healing Sciences WP Series

 Following are the links to my four articles in Healing Sciences Series:

Three Healing Sciences, Three Global Scourges


Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love


Healing Science of Oxygen


Healing Science of Insulin


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