Healing Science of Insulin

Majid Ali, M.D.

Diabetes, Dialysis, and Dementia Are the Three Global Scourges,

All Are Rooted In Insulin Toxicity.

I recognize three healing sciences and thousands of disease-drug sciences. In acute illness, we need disease-drug sciences. In chronic disease, we can heal only with three healing sciences: Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love, Healing Oxygen Science, and Healing Insulin Science.

Insulin is the minister of energy and metabolism in the body. This view of diverse functionalities of insulin reaches far beyond the prevailing and wholly inadequate view of insulin being a hormone produced by the pancreas gland to lower blood sugar level when it rises after a meal.

Insulin homeostasis (equilibrium) in the body is a vast subject, since it covers all aspects of  health preservation, disease prevention, and aging. e health, prevent disease, and restore health after illness is a vast subject. I cover these subjects in my free course entitled “Dr. Ali’s Insulin Course” posted on this web site and on http://www.aliscience.org

Healing Sciences Series Following are links to the four articles in my Healing Sciences Series:  Three Healing Sciences, Three Global Scourges  https://alihealing.org/2015/08/03/three-healing-sciences-three-global-scourges/

Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love           https://alihealing.org/2015/08/03/grandmothers-healing-science-of-love/

Healing Science of Oxygen https://alihealing.org/2015/08/03/healing-science-of-oxygen/

Healing Science of Insulin https://alihealing.org/2015/08/03/healing-science-of-insulin/


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