Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love

Majid Ali, M.D.

Healing Science of Our Shared Grandmotherhoood

I recognize “three healing sciences” and thousands of “disease-drug sciences.” Drugs, as essential as they are for treating acute diseases, do not heal. This is a simple fact of science.

Three primary healing sciences are:

  1. Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love
  2. Healing Science of Oxygen
  3. Healing Science of Insulin

In this article, I introduce two notions:  “shared grandmotherhoood” and “grandmothers’ healing science of love” to introduce my view that human civilization is an enduring gift bequeathed to us by our shared grandmothers, going all the way back to grandmothers of the Rift valley in eastern Africa. These African grandmothers lived 150,000 to 250,000 ago, more likely much earlier, eons before any of our current familial traditions, tribal experiences,  social mores, religious preoccupations, or political philosophies evolved.

Those African grandmothers were the mothers who knew how babies were conceived, carried, and delivered. They were the souls who nourished and protected their babies, nurtured their toddlers, and made sense of life and its circumstances for their children. They were our shared grandmothers, true, authentic, compassionate, and effective. They, not the medical men of any ages built our civilizations.

Holism Did Not Arise From Test Tubes, Nor Does It Live There

Those African grandmothers did not perform any test tube experiments in their kitchen. Just as their grand-grand-grand…daughters do not do today. This is my first point: Science of eating in the kitchen for health was never advanced by test tube experimenters. As for the modern advances in our understanding of the scientific facts of nutrition, I address them in what I designate as the Healing Science of Oxygen and Healing Science of Insulin.

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Here are what I consider to be the major aspects of the Grandmothers’ Healing Science of Love?

  1. Empirical and intuitive sense of what health is and what health is not
  2. Knowledge of the family traditions
  3. Respect of food
  4. Familiarity with food groups and their nutritional values
  5. Awareness of issues of optimal hydration
  6. Respect of cooking methods
  7. Empirical knowledge of health benefits of spices and, in many cases, herbs.
  8. Understanding of indigenous remedies for food-related common health disorders.

Crucial Questions How well do you thinks doctors, nurses, clinics, or hospitals do to help the well, the unwell, and the sick people in the United States now? How well do you thinks doctors, nurses, clinics, or hospitals are likely to do in the future to help the well, the unwell, and the sick in the United States now? Suggested Readings

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