Three Healing Sciences

Majid Ali, M.D.

There Are Three “Healing Sciences” and Thousands of “Disease-Drug Sciences.”

The three healing sciences are: (1) Healing Science of Grandmothers; (2) Healing Science of Oxygen; and (3) Healing Science of Insulin.

The primary reason for pervasive and hurtful confusion about science of health and healing, in my view, is the failure of professionals to recognize the difference between three “healing sciences” and thousands of “disease-drug sciences.” I am prompted to offer this short article by what I heard on the radio walking through a corridor. The speaker said cheese is terrible for the brain. What possible reasons might the speaker have to make such a silly statement? I wondered. Then I recalled a radio celebratory advised his listeners not to eat eggs. What might be the basis of this statement?

Cost of Not Knowing the Three Healing Sciences

* The practitioner will not truly understand the truth about healing sciences.

* The reader will never learn the difference between authentic healing sciences and the “corporate nutrition science.”

*  The reader will continue to complain about changing healing advice on radio, TV, and doctors who limit their work to drug therapies.

Scientific Studies of Turmeric and Ginger, and …

Like me, the reader probably has heard hundreds of times of scientific studies of the health benefits of turmeric. Or of ginger. Or of yogurt. Or of castor oil. I hear them with indifference. Years ago, I used to read about them. Now I do not. I do not to waste time on learning the science that my grandmother taught me. She did so without trying to sell me anything. Her science was of observation, experience, and authenticity. I cannot say the same thing about the so-called nutrition scientists on someone’s payroll who never publish their data about reversal of heart diabetes or heart disease or kidney failure with nondrug therapies. Of course, there are no drugs for reversing any chronic disease.

We heal With Nutrients, Not With Drugs

Drugs save lives in acute illness. Drugs make life livable for people worldwide. So we should be  grateful to people who develop them and those who use them with compassion and integrity. None of that changes the  fact that drugs do not reverse any diseases.

Suggested Readings

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