Autoimmune Detox and Autoimmune Drugs

Majid Ali, M.D.

Truth About the Choices

To heal an autoimmune disease, one must first learn what: (1) What the Problems is; (2) What the treatment options are; and (3) Where to go go to seek the treatment. To assist the readers, in this article, I present the following:

1. Brief outline of what autoimmune diseases are and where they come from

2. A short list of common autoimmune diseases that inflict the most suffering for most people

3. My guidelines for detox and Dietary guidelines for healing autoimmune disorders

4. A revealing account of look how autoimmune drugs become multi-billion dollar through an article from The New York Times on July 15, 2015

5. A longer list of autoimmune disease

Additional Readings With FREE Courses at this web site:

1. Dr. Ali’s Autoimmunity Course

2. Dr. Ali’s Oxygen Course

1. Dr. Ali’s Fermentation Course

Outline of Autoimmune Detox Guidelines

Autoimmune Drugs

*       Celgene Agrees to $7.2 Billion Deal for Receptos. The New York Times. JULY 14, 2015. By ANDREW POLLACK.

The biotechnology company Celgene agreed on Tuesday to pay $7.2 billion in cash to acquire Receptos, which is developing a potentially promising drug for autoimmune diseases.

Celgene will pay $232 a share, a 12 percent premium to Receptos’s closing price on Tuesday. The deal was announced after markets had closed.

Receptos, based in San Diego, is developing a drug called ozanimod that is now in late-stage clinical trials as a treatment for multiple sclerosis and ulcerative colitis, with an approval possible for multiple sclerosis as early as 2018 and for ulcerative colitis the year after.

“The Receptos acquisition provides a transformational opportunity for Celgene to impact multiple therapeutic areas,” Robert J. Hugin, the chief executive of Celgene, said in a statement.

Celgene, based in Summit, N.J., has grown to be one of the most successful biotechnology companies, based largely on its blockbuster cancer drug, Revlimid.

But Revlimid will eventually lose patent protection, and the company has been aggressively looking to expand its business and diversify. Autoimmune diseases have become a focus, in addition to cancer.

Celgene has earned a reputation as willing to pay top dollar either to acquire smaller companies or to license their drugs. It raised eyebrows recently by agreeing to pay $1 billion to begin a collaboration with Juno Therapeutics, which is developing drugs that direct a patient’s immune system to attack cancer.

Last year it made an eye-popping initial payment of $710 million to an obscure company based in Dublin, Nogra Pharma, for rights to GED-0301, a drug being tested for Crohn’s disease, which, like ulcerative colitis, is an inflammation of the bowel.

Receptos was formed in 2009 with patents licensed from the Scripps Research Institute. It went public in May 2013, and its stock has done extremely well as positive data accumulated for ozanimod, which was previously called RPC1063. Celgene will be paying more than 16 times the $14 price at which Receptos went public two years ago.

Celgene executives said that ozanimod could have peak annual sales of $4 billion to $6 billion and would complement GED-0301 and also Otezla, a pill Celgene already sells to treat psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis.

Ozanimod is taken orally, which could give it an advantage over some existing drugs for ulcerative colitis like AbbVie’s Humira and Johnson & Johnson’s Remicade, which are taken by injection or infusion.

Treatments for multiple sclerosis are also shifting from injections to pills. Ozanimod has the same mechanism of action as Gilenya, a successful multiple sclerosis drug sold by Novartis. But Celgene executives say ozanimod could be safer than Gilenya, which has cardiac side effects.

Celgene said the deal would reduce its earnings per share through 2017, be neutral to earnings per share in 2018, and add to earnings starting in 2019.

It said it would pay for the purchase with a combination of cash on hand and new debt and would raise about $5 billion in a bond offering in August.



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