Living Above Cancer – Aware and Unencumbered

Majid Ali, M.D.

Cancer Was Not Part of My Vocabulary. Now It Is. What Will I Do?

The words in the subtitle of the article were spoken by a patient who had a skin cancer removed recently. She did so after I read the pathology report showing a non-invasive growth, meaning that it was not a true cancer yet. I sensed he anxiety and explained the crucial difference between invasive cancers and pre-invasive growths. point clearly and slowly. She was not satisfied.

Her surgeon had advised close follow-up which she planned to do. I, of course, seconded that. But I knew that was not what she expected from me in response to her question.

Cancer In Vocabulary – What To Do?

This is a question of personal philosophy and one’s Divinity. The question of personal security can be dealt with in a doctor’s office.

About personal security, this much I know with certainty: There is no security except in certain knowledge that there is no true security in life. I decided not to address this matter with the patient during that visit. Perhaps some other time, I told myself.

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