Can Insulin Injections Be Stopped safely?

Majid Ali, M.D.

Can Insulin Injections Be Stopped safely? Yes, sometimes it can be done. The key word in this question is safely. It must be done under the close supervision of a physician who has experience with diabetes reversal, and it must be based on the three-hour insulin profile. If the patient’s own insulin reserves 9beta cells) are depleted, insulin injections must not be stopped until some beta cell regeneration has occurred.

Video Link to a Case Study of Stopping Insulin

Below is a link to one of my WBAI New York radio (heard online on every Saturday at 1 pm) in which my guest describes how he discontinued insulin injections for his diabetes. This narrative follows some minutes of music followed by brief comments about the gluten-diabetes link. I think you will find that persisting with this distraction was worthwhile after you finish the main part of the program about stopping insulin injections.

Link to the Radio Program

Please cut and paste the link if necessary.

Suggested Further Readings

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