My Best Possible 75th Birthday Gift

Majid Ali, M.D.

WBAI Radio New York (99.5 FM)

On June 20, 2015, a week before my 75th birthday, I received a most precious and humbling gift. It was the best news in my 57-year study of medicine. It was an e-mail from the science journal Nature, the journal that published the seminal paper by James Watson, Francis Crick, and Maurice Wilkins describing their discover of DNA. They were awarded Nobel Prize for this work. There were many other Nature authors who went on to receive the Nobel for their work first published in Nature.

I never imagined that some of my research findings in molecular biology of oxygen would one day  be published in Nature. But this is what the e-mail from Nature told me. On Saturday, June 27, my birthday I was scheduled to host my Science, Health, and Healing program on non-commercial WBAI radio, New York (heard on line at That seemed the perfect occasion to share with my audience my journey from my oxygen eureka moments to the publication of my 14-volume textbook, The Principles and Practice of Integrative Medicine. And so I did that.

Below is the link to that one-hour radio piece. I hope your other time commitments will allow you to join me for narrating this account of my life’s work.

75 the Birthday WBAI Radio File

Can Insulin Injections Be Stopped Safely?

Below is a link to another radio program in which my guest describes how he discontinued insulin injections for his diabetes. This narrative follows some minutes of music followed by brief comments about the gluten-diabetes link. I think you will find that persisting with this distraction was worthwhile after you finish the main part of the program about stopping insulin injections.

Link to the Radio Program

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