Three Most Amazing Cancer Stories

Majid Ali, M.D.

Three Cancers in Three Women  Controlled With One Therapy – Aware and Unencumbered Series

A Special Note

May I suggest that you read the following brief accounts of three cancers in three women, you stop and reflect on what might be in common among these amazing case histories. Then you read about my response to the question.

First Woman With Cancer

I saw a nun in 2001 with widespread ovarian cancer. The surgeon could only do a biopsy. She was told that no known chemotherapy drug can be used for her type of cancer. Radiotherapy was not applicable.

She is alive fourteen years later.

Second Woman

I saw a 72-year-old woman, a New York writer, in 2001 for fatigue and intermittent cough. A CAT scan of the lungs revealed a walnut-sized tumor mass in her upper right lung field. She has smoked for about forty years. A biopsy of the tumor showed a a highly aggressive (large cell undifferentiated) cancer. I told her that our all natural cancer control program would not be sufficient. Then I explained to her treatment options, surgery being the first. She declined surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. She lived for 14 years after the diagnosis.

Third Woman With Cancer

A 91-year-old Swiss woman, the mother of my patient, was told she had lung cancer diagnosed with a cheast CAT scan. She refused to believe her doctors. One of her others daughters was extremely distressed by her decision to flat out reject the diagnosis of lung cancer. The daughter told the mother that she was being irresponsible with her health. The mother was adamant that she wanted to continue live her life as she always did. And that is what she did.

Several months passed and the woman showed no signs of becoming sick.  Then the family and doctors concluded that she did not have any cancer.

I include the case to make an important point. Not every growth that is diagnosed as cancer behaves as cancer. And when a 91-year-old insists that she does not have any cancer, I for one will not challenge her. I might add here that during 28 years of my work as a hospital pathologist, conservatively estimating I personally diagnosed more than 100,000 cancers.

What Is In Common in the Three Women With  Three Cancers?

Some people are blessed with a precious gift. They can live above events that devastate most people. They can live above the diagnosis of cancer. They are aware and unencumbered.

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