Gut Fermentation to Fatty Liver

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of Dr. Ali’s Liver Course

In 1968, soon after I began my pathology residency, I became intrigued by the liver. I avidly learned classification of liver diseases caused by viruses, alcohol, chemicals, immune injury, and metabolic disorders.

Accumulation of fat in the liver cells is one of the first things a pathologist in training learns to recognize under the microscope. It is called fatty liver (a subject i present at length at this web site.

By 1980, I had looked at over 2,000 biopsies of the alimentary tract. That work led me to recognize that the bowel is the guardian angel of the liver.

Links to Series of Videos Concerning Fatty Liver

Rising Incidence of Fatty Change in the U.S.?

Does Fructose-Rich Corn Syrup Cause Fatty Liver?

Does Your Overweight Child Have Fatty Liver?

I Have Fatty Liver. Should I Worry About IT?

Can Your Be Unhealthy Even If Your Blood Liver TestAre Not Normal?

Dr. Ali’s Liver Course For a full discussion of fatty liver and related conditions of steatosis and live cell death (called steatonecrosis, liver scarring, and eventual cirrhosis, please my free Dr. Ali’s Liver Coarse.

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