Dr. Ali’s Liver Course – Introduction

Majid Ali, M.D.

The liver is the primary detox organ of the body, hence vulnerable to stress and injury caused by cumulative insults. This is why I prescribe liver detox for every patient.

Nature is generous. Nature is stingy.  Nature creates ample reserves. Nature is a hard taskmaster. Nature is forgiving. Nature is unforgiving. Those are all aspects of nature’s grand plan of economy. In matters of human health, next to the bowel, the liver is the most glorious mirror of nature’s sense of economy.

Following is the list of lessons in this course:

  1. Why I Recommend Liver Detox for Every Patient
  2. Responsibilities of the Liver in Health and Disease Reversal
  3. Liver is the Guardian Angel of the Brain
  4. Bowel is the Guardian Angel of the Liver
  5. Fatty Liver – What Is It?
  6. Fatty Liver –Oxygen Connection
  7. Fatty Liver – Gut Fermentation to Fatty Liver
  8. Fatty Liver – Insulin Toxicity to Fatty Liver
  9. Fatty Liver – Chemical Toxicity to Fatty Liver
  10. Fatty Liver to Liver Failure
  11. Fatty Liver to Diabetes
  12. Fatty Liver to Heart Disease
  13. Fatty Liver to Heart Disease
  14. Fatty Liver to Memory Loss
  15. Fatty Liver to Kidney Failure
  16. Fatty Liver to Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Liver Course Videos

Rising Incidence of Fatty Change in the U.S.?


Does Fructose-Rich Corn Syrup Cause Fatty Liver?


Does Your Overweight Child Have Fatty Liver?


I Have Fatty Liver. Should I Worry About IT?


Can Your Be Unhealthy Even If Your Blood Liver TestAre Not Normal?


Dr. Ali’s Liver 90-Minute DVD Seminar is available at http://www.aliacademy.org

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