Is Every American On the Alzheimer’s Track?

Majid Ali, Ali, M.D.

Is every American on the Alzheimer’s track? Yes. Will every American develop Alzheimer’s? No.

We have choice. We can learn, know, and understand the Alzheimer’s disease, and take simple, safe, and low-cost/no-cost steps to get off the Alzheimer’s track.

What first step do I suggest that readers’ interested in this matter begin by considering my free “Dr. Ali’s Alzheimer’s Course” on this web site.

Following are my seven most preferred natural remedies for Alzheimer’s disease in its early and intermediate stages. It is important that the readers recognize that all my guidelines offered in the Science, Health, and Healing Library (video and DVD seminars, short videos, and articles) are for use only in chronic diseases under the supervision of their practitioners.

For memory concerns and Alzheimer’s disease, I urge readers to consider the following:

* What Is Alzheimer’s Disease? ((at

* Dr. Ali’s Free Brain Health Course (at

* 45-minute video seminar entitled “Compassionate Care for Alzheimer’s Disease” available at

* 60-minute DVD seminar on memory loss and Alzheimer’s Disease (available

* Pre-Alzheimer’s Is Rooted in Insulin Toxicity (at

Top Seven for Alzheimer’s Disease

1. Intramuscular and Intravenous Protocols (focusing on glutathione, vitamin 12, Taurine, magensium, and Vitmin B Complex (protocols available at

2. Dr. Ali Daytime and Night Time Brain Health Protocols (at

3. Gentle daily bowel, blood, and liver detox (done with “Dr. Ali’s Spicy Breakfast remedies (at

4. Vitamin and mineral protocol (including potassium, magnesium, calcium, zinc, chromium, selenium, and molybdenum

5. Gut fermentation control (6-week sugar-free, gluten-free, and dairy free diet

Anti-fermentation spices and herbs)*

6. Dr. Ali Daytime and Night Time Brain Health Protocols (at

7. Compassionate care with walks, companions, and walking


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