Oxygen Settles the Gluten Debate

Majid Ali, M.D.

When human oxygen’s healing pathways were preserved, wheat sustained human multiplication, at least for 300,00 years by archeological evidence. As these oxygen pathways became incrementally clogged by environmental toxicities, gluten foods began to trigger autoimmune responses with increasing frequency.

Three Faces of the Gluten Tragedy:

Gluten Problem, Gluten Profits, and Gluten Perversion

The “gluten problem” was initially created and promoted by chronically unwell individuals who suffered for years as their doctors kept changing the diagnostic labels for them. Their real issues of environmental toxicities, overgrowth of fermenting microbes in their bowel, insulin toxicity, and disrupted oxygen signaling went unrecognized and unaddressed. They were sold the “gluten bill of goods” by well-meaning but ill-informed practitioners. This simmered for years.

Corporate Gluten Vultures

Then came American corporate vultures. They saw rich profits in “gluten business” and went for the big kill. Some minutes spent on the aisles of any food store will convince anyone of the size of the corporate gluten largess.

Oxygen Model of Gluten Sensitivity and Celiac Disease

For a study of the scientific facts that support my larger perspective on the gluten tragedy, please consider the following:

* Dr. Ali’s Gluten Course

* Oxygen Model of Gluten Autoimmunity

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