Castor Oil Videos Series – Introduction

Majid Ali, M.D.

Please, please learn about what castor oil can do for you. You will be surprisedto know in how many ways this oil can help you preserve health and reverse chronic disease.

Castor oil is a cellular detergent. Healthy cells breath their oxygen freely , metabolize foods efficiently, and use the energy they produce wisely. All that changes when cells get gummed up and their membranes are greased. Castor oil acts as a cellular detergent. How does castor oil work? I explain this in detail in the article linked below.

Castor oil will cost you five cent or so per tretament and will saves you hundreds , possibly thousand, of dollars spent on other treatments for chronic painful and inflammatory conditions – from GERD to colitis, to breast calcium to frozen shoulder to colicky babies to hepatitis to much more. Below are links to my article and my Castor Oil Video Series (cut and paste URL, if necessary).
1. My Castor Oil Video Series

2. My article explaining how castor oil works

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