In Praise of Eggs – An Excellent Weight Loss and Diabetes Reversal Food

Majid Ali, M.D.

An Article of Dr. Ali’s Nutrition Course

Both my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother loved eggs and ate them freely. Both lived to be 101 and never suffered from cardiovascular disorders. My father ate eggs regularly, often three or four a day, and worked until the beginning of his last illness in the late 80s. He never suffered from any heart disorders.

Nutrition Science of My Elders

No my grandfather was not a doctor. Nor was my grandmother a certified. My father was a judge and never claimed to be a scientists. But their nutrition science was authentic. I wish I could say the same about the so-called nutrition-scientists on the payroll of drug and food companies.

Eggs Are a Great Food

Eggs are among my top recommendations for avoiding excess weight, diabetes, heart disease, and memory concerns. Eggs contain lecithin (the guardian angel of the liver and the brain) and many other healthy fats (phospholipids and others) that are crucial for the health of the membranes of all cell populations in the body.

Cholesterol, I might add here, is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer food.

My Videos on the Subject

Below, I include links to selected videos on the subject. If you like the videos, I ask that you share it with your family and friends.

Three Simple Cholesterol Questions

Eggs Are Great

Beware of New Cholesterol Deceptions

The Heart-Stomach Connections

Why Class Actions Against Statin Makers?

I have several reasons for my proposal. Here is one in thye context of the eggs-cholesterol deception.

For decades, statin makers have hired doctors to denounce eggs and other healthy fats to shamelessly sell their drugs. Here is the saddest aspect of deception: drug companies hired professors of prestigious universities and editors of deep-pocketed medical journals to grossly distort the truth of the true nature of cardiovascular diseases.

Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course

I present the true scientific facts of the physiology of cholesterol in detail in my free discuss Dr. Ali’s Cholesterol Course.


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