Bad Breath – Do Not Forget Sesame Oil, Please!

I have not found anything that works better than one-half teaspoon of sesame oil for a robust oral rinse for three to five minutes bad breath. If you have not tried, please do so. Sesame oil has potent anti-microbial compounds.

Bad breath is caused by excessive oral fermentation. What about the role of inflammation in this? All inflammation begins with fermentation, a process of breakdown of sugars and starches into alcohols and acids, many of which are toxic.

Why do I focus so much on fermentation rather than on inflammation? Conversations about fermentation clarify matters, those of inflammation complicate them except for true scientists who study inflammation deeply. Most doctors do not.

Conversations about fermentation also define clearly the solution to the problem much better than those of inflammation. For more info, please consider free Dr. Ali’ Course on Fermentation.

Oral fermentation is nearly always associated with oral infections. This is where sesame oil shines with its potent anti-microbial compounds.


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