An Inspiring Face of Deep Healing

Majid Ali, M.D.

Each of us heals in unique ways. Some healing stories are more touching and compelling than others. Below is a letter from someone I know. With his kind permission, I offer it to my readers.

April 25, 2015
Re:  My Experience with Dr. Majid Ali
Dear Dr. Ali:
I am writing you to express exactly what your program has done for me.
I abused my body in youth.  I started smoking at 16 and developed a heavy habit until I had a heart attack in 1995, and because of it, was diagnosed with emphysema, COPD, coronary artery disease, primary Reynaud’s acid reflux, intestinal polyps, bilateral kidney stones, Schaumberg’s disease, and anxiety.  I was on seven prescriptions, including Toprol, Nexium, Lipitor, and Xanax.
Before visiting you for the first, I did start your Ali Breakfast with two glasses of Knudsens’ organic juice, and four glasses of spring water with ground flaxseed, ground lecithin, and alternate whey and egg protein.  In other meals, I avoided fried food, white carbs and sugars, and in short time my weight fell to 158, I felt more energy, had no digestive problems and stopped taking the Nexium.
I started as your patient in the summer of 2009, was prescribed healthy supplements by you, and started chelation.  Over time, there has been a lot of improvement.  My 14 year bilateral kidney stones disappeared.  Pearle Vision informed me that the capillaries at the back of my eye had reversed the narrowing with age progress, and had become wider; my dentist remarked that I must be doing special dental care at home because my gums are appearing healthier and younger; my cardiologist told me that I could discontinue Toprol because of heart improvements; my gastroenterologist found that my intestines were improving and polyps were less and my annual colonoscopy was reduced to every two years, then three, and at the last colonoscopy, he referred to my intestine as “excellent” with no polyps and no need for another colonoscopy for ten years’; my cholesterol level is good enough that I discontinued Lipitor; and, now, take a Xanax very rarely when stress gets too an unhealthy level.  Thus, I am drug free, my weight is stable in the 140’s, and I have more energy than when I was young.
This incredible improvement in my health is solely the result of the altered lifestyle, i.e., diet, natural supplements, limbic breathing, avoidance of/response to stress, and chelation, which I have obtained from Dr. Majid Ali.  I recently suffered from trigger fingers in both hands, sought orthopedic advice, and was told that the only medical solution is steroid injection and surgery, if steroids fail.  I received the painful injections, but in five weeks, the condition was even worse.  Instead of surgery, I tried Dr. Ali’s anti-inflammatory protocol of ginger, cayenne and turmeric, taking three of each every day.  The condition has disappeared.
I am grateful for having heard about Dr. Ali, and following his program, and my name can be used by him.
Thank you.

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